Our Story

We began our operations in 2004 and have a successful track record of providing cardiopulmonary testing services and equipment sales primarily serving the family physician and internal medicine physician in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. We take very seriously our mission to of providing evidence-based medicine in the fields of cardiac and pulmonary medicine to help you improve patient care while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. We are known for our cutting edge technology, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and our commitment to excellent customer service.

Our core HeartWatchTM  Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention program is a simple, disciplined, easy to administer protocol for physicians. The program provides you with the tools and the process necessary to proactively address heart attack and stroke prevention among your patients. Our services are provided at no cost and minimal effort for you and your staff, while providing incremental compensation to you for conducting the professional component of this service.

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