Endothelial Function Testing (EndoPAT)

What is an EndoPAT test?

The EndoPAT test is the leading method for assessing the function of your endothelium and provides the earliest method to clinically detect cardiovascular disease. The accuracy of the EndoPAT test has been verified by leading researchers in top medical and research institutes such as The Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Medicine, Mount Sinai NY, Johns Hopkins University and many more. These collaborations have yielded nearly 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts and well over 200 abstracts at major scientific meetings supporting the use of the EndoPAT.


What is the endothelium?

The endothelium is the inner lining of the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow smoothly to actively maintain your overall health.  Normal endothelial function protects your blood vessels from the formation of atherosclerosis, the primary cause of cardiovascular disease. Damage to these cells may be an early sign of heart disease.


How is the test performed?

Testing takes about 15 minutes and is done by a simple, noninvasive procedure in your doctor’s office. Two small bio-sensors are places on both index fingers which monitor the function of your arteries. A blood pressure cuff is places on one arm and will be inflated during the test to stop the flow of blood in that arm.


Why get tested?

Cardiovascular disease develops over time, often going undetected for many years.  Measuring the health of your endothelium is the earliest clinical method to detect cardiovascular disease. Once detected, with proper treatment, most cardiovascular disease is preventable.


How should I prepare for the test?

No food, nicotine, or caffeine 4 hours prior to your test. You may have water at any time before you test.