At-home Sleep Apnea Testing (WatchPAT)

What is a WatchPat test?

WatchPAT is an FDA-approved portable diagnostic device that uses the most innovative technology to ensure the accurate screening, detection, and the follow-up treatment of sleep apnea.  WatchPAT testing is done in the comfort of your own bedroom, an environment that best reflects the pattern of your sleep habits. WatchPAT has been the subject of numerous clinical trials resulting in over 130 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts. Of these, 13 manuscripts validate WatchPAT by comparing it head-to-head against traditional sleep center studies.  The WatchPat was chosen as one of the top 10 medical innovations in 2010.


How is a WatchPat test conducted?

You slide the WatchPAT on your wrist and apply the snore and body position sensors and oximeter onto your fingertips.  WatchPAT technology avoids contact with the face and head, a major benefit (and large cause of study failure) when compared to other ambulatory devices. Then, you go to sleep in the comfort of your own bed while the WatchPat measures blood oxygen levels, REM sleep, heart rate, snoring intensity, and sleep apnea.  After you awake, you take off the device and return it to your doctor where he downloads the test results and reviews them with you.


Why take a WatchPat test?

Sleep apnea is one of the most under-diagnosed health issues due in part to the fact that many patients simply are unwilling or unable to be tested in a sleep laboratory. Many patients readily admit feeling uncomfortable spending a night at a monitoring facility, hooked up to sensors and equipment while they sleep. Rather than endure this perceived hardship in an attempt to obtain a definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea that would then lead to treatment, many patients instead choose to continue life with sleep apnea.